Saturday, 2 July 2011

Audrey Progress

I posted about my Audrey cardigan a little while ago and haven't really mentioned it since but I did make quite a bit of progress before I got distracted by my new design. This is the top of the left front in the Unst lace pattern which I rather like and is incredibly quick to do. Yet to do: the rest of the back and right front, sleeves, button bands and collar. Quite a lot really but since the weather has warmed up nicely I'm less in need of a cardigan

There has also been progress on my new shawl design. When I showed it in my earlier post I'd only done 2 repeats of the pattern (and was making slow work of it) but I've done some more and here it is with 5 repeats completed and then washed and blocked so I could guestimate size and get this out for testing;

I'm rather pleased with it so far although the photo is not brilliant.

And a final update - Personal Remarks and my Waterhouse Mitts are with a tech editor which for these will be the final stage before being released. No progress on my Tortile Beaded Hat but I promise there will be over the summer.

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