Thursday, 17 March 2011

Colourwork experiment

So I've always been a bit afeared of stranded colourwork - too many threads and needles and with floats and tension to worry about it always seemed like a lot of trouble. But still it's important to learn new things and I wanted to do a design based on the tiles inside Manchester Town Hall which are in a two colour stepped chevron pattern. Whilst the pattern doesn't match up to the tiles in quite the way I wanted (insufficient steps) I quite like the end result.

And the inside isn't too bad either

These fingerless mittens are knit on 2.75mm needles with King Cole Merino Blend 4ply in French Navy and Aran shades.

I will write this pattern up when I get the chance and I think it will be in three sizes (small, medium and large). These mittens fit my paws snugly and will be the medium size.

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Ms C said...

I really love those!