Monday, 13 June 2011

I've been making...Personal Remarks

So this is my latest shawl - Personal Comments

Knit in Wollmeise and Yarn Yard Clan, this turned out to be larger than I'd planned (no bad thing) at 56" x 26"

It's currently being tested by two lovely Ravellers (thank you Kerry and Heike) and then will be tech edited and released.

The name comes from my sister J who is one of the few people in my family who can wear red successfully. The Wollmeise yarn seemed like a very J colour so I thought this should have a J related name. When I was growing up my sisters were very influential and pretty much brought me up. One of the life lessons J taught me was that making personal comments about people was wrong and spiteful something that I try (and sometimes fail) to bear in mind in adult life. So this one is my J shawl and might, just might, be the first in a series of sisterly inspired shawls.

And some more pictures...

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1 comment:

Charity Girl said...

"Why do you have a moustache?"

"DON'T make personal remarks!"

Ah I remember it well. I'm sure I came into more flak than you for it though!