Thursday, 30 June 2011

The next sister

It's nearly my sister M's birthday so in honour of the momentous occasion I have been meaning to make her something but have inevitably started too late to be finished on time. M is particularly knitworthy and it was her pregnancy that got me started in knitting about 4 years ago (I think that's right). She has been the recipient of lots of knitted things for her and Small over the past few years and if you lined them all up they would probably make quite an interesting timeline of my learning journey. Some of Small's items have also been passed on to the next smallest in the family so they are being used.

So here is M's shawl in progress - yet to be named as she will be doing the honours. This is a side to side lace shawl with a stocking stitch centre and a double lace border shaped with short rows. The yarn is Yarn Yard Crannog which is a lovely high twist merino in a supersaturated blue-purple. It's particularly fitting to be using Yarn Yard yarns as this shawl will be heading back up to Scotland when finished.

So this will be Shawl 2 in my developing Sisters collection. Personal Comments is being renamed to Personal Remarks (apparently more accurate) and is in testing at the moment.

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Charity Girl said...

M has been especially lucky! Beautiful maternity cardigans, wildly coloured socks, glamorous shawls and elfin hoods. All gratefully received and vastly appreciated. Very excited about the fichu-shawl! It looks beautiful :)