Monday, 18 July 2011

WIP: New design

This is a new design for a wrap and is likely to become pattern support for Dodoknitz!! who provided the yarn. I've not given it a final name as yet.

This is knit in Dodo Sock which has excellent yardage and lovely stitch definition. This particular colourway is a new one I think, designed for this pattern and will hopefully be available as a kit in the future

In other news I have been baking! Himself volunteers at a local primary school as a governor and their brand new PTA ran their first ever summer fair at the weekend. This being England it rained but that didn't seem to dampen any spirits. This was my contribution to the cake stall:

35 iced fairy cakes, a chocolate/vanilla marble cake, an iced lemon loaf cake and at the back a tray of butterscotch flapjacks (I recently discovered butterscotch chips at the supermarket).

Baking for school fairs is something I remember my mum doing when I was little and she ran the parish and school cake stalls. For her it was a more military operation involving bakers delivery pallettes and several trips in an estate car so this was very lightweight.

As Himself wasn't allowed to keep any of the cakes above he's very much hoping that he won the 'guess the weight of the fruit cake' competition so keep your fingers crossed.

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