Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Knitting Retrospective 2010

I did a looking back post a little while ago but I thought I should illustrate some of what I've done over the past year. With the usual apologies about  photo quality here is my 2010 Knitting Retrospective

Vaguely from the top left corner:

  1. Pink (in Grey and Green) Jumper - Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran
  2. Summer Fool Shawl - left over sock yarns
  3. Leaf edged Pi Shawl - Araucania Rancy Multy
  4. Button Cuff Socks - Collinette Jitterbug
  5. Through the Woods Hood (Big Girl size in red) - Wendy Mode DK
  6. Moss Rib Hat - Austrmann Mandy
  7. Aces 8 scarf - Unknown cashmere/merino
  8. Dad's Cabled Scarf - Forsell Touch of Silk Aran
  9. Trina Jacket - Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran
  10. Whipple Shawl - Natural Dye Studio BFL/ Knitting Goddess 100% wool
  11. 198 Yards of Heaven Shawlette - Araucania Nature Wool Solids
  12. Shipwreck Shawl (made for my wedding) - custom dyed Flutterby Creations Merino/silk 
  13. Lymond Socks - handdyed shetland sock
  14. Featherweight Cardie - recycled lambswool
  15. Evening Primrose Scarf - Posh Sylvia 4ply
  16. Mizzle (solid colour) - Treviso sock
  17. Through the Woods Hood (adult size) - Wendy Mode Chunky
  18. Mizzle (Striped) - Rowan Scottish Tweed 4ply
  19. Limestone Shawlette - YarnAddictAnni's Fantasy Sock
  20. (inner ring of photos) Woodland Shawl - Kauni Effektgarn
  21. John's Cabled Scarf - New Lanark DK
  22. What Happens If...? - Silkwood Sock yarn
  23. Peggy Sue - Forsell Touch of Silk DK
  24. Grace Beret - Wildfire Fibres Hercules DK
  25. 198 Yards of Heaven (mint) - Anny Blatt Mini Sport
  26. Ishbel - Fyberspates Sheila's Sock
  27. (centre photo) Grace Cowl - Wildfire Fibres Hercules DK

Monday, 10 January 2011

Better photos for once

So with the New Year my creative juices have started flowing for some reason. I have a few patterns at the sketching stage: two pairs of fingerless gloves, a couple of shawls...and this hat:

Photo courtesy of my husband who can a)take photos b)has a decent camera and c)likes tweaking things on Photoshop. It was also a lovely if very cold day so the light was excellent.

This sample is in Wendy Mode DK in Chili and is a very usable hat

Carrying on the theme of having decent photos my older sister has been having a photo shoot in the Through the Woods hoods that I sent up to the frozen North (Edinburgh) for her and her daughter. You can find her take on elfish mischief here on her professional photography blog. She has also kindly offered to take photos for my patterns in the future so hopefully the photography will improve substantially.