Monday, 20 June 2011

Raspberry Parade

So this is my latest FO - an adapted Fetherweight cardigan. I've been making this for ages and get getting bored with the sleeves

Yarn: 110g of Forsell Pure New Wool Superwash 3ply in Fuschia
Needles: 4mm
Mods: increased on the neckline for a slightly waterfall effect, long sleeves with deeper ribbed cuffs, a narrower collar, 3ply yarn not 2ply or 4ply...

It was a bit overcast and windy when I was taking the pictures. Every time I got it lined up the wind shifted or the sun went in.

So in other news I have started an 'Audrey in Unst' Cardigan in Wendy Sorrento (shade Dove) as a smart work cardigan for the summer.

And the raspberries in the garden are starting to ripen up nicely. We had our first tiny crop of plump dark red berries and our first home grown garlic. With homegrown fruit and Wimbledon starting is this the start of the British summer?

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