Sunday, 15 August 2010

Mouth cake

This is a cherry and almond loaf cake which my husband says is mouth shaped. Apologies for the awful photo.

The cake is part of a very busy domestic weekend:
  • Cake baked
  • All hooverable parts of the house hoovered (even the stairs)
  • All sweepable parts of the house swept
  • All laundry done (including a Herculean ironing session by my husband - 2 hours!)
  • Grocery shopping done
  • Stripy version of the unnamed shawlette (see previous post for competition details) knitted up to the border
  • Yarn ordered for the border of the stripy unnamed shawlette...
  • Second sleeve finished on the stripy jumper of doom (otn since January 10th, 2010), only the neckline to go
  • Cast on for a version of Peggy Sue from Knit on the Net in Forsell Touch of Silk DK in Mallard
  • Birthday present for eldest sister posted
  • Both beds changed (I mean the sheets rather than alchemy)
And now I'm feeling tired...

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