Friday, 13 August 2010

A Friday Finish (and a giveaway)

An anonymous shawlette

This is my latest finished object and will at some point soon be written up as a pattern and available as a Ravelry download. However, there's a hitch - I'm struggling to think of a name for it and a pattern needs a name. This is the draft blurb from the pattern:

"It’s August in Manchester and it’s 14˚C so naturally my thoughts turn to warm and woolly things. For an autumn knit I wanted to play with different textures and was swatching and sketching different stitches for a while before starting this shawlette. In the knitting process this shawlette changed quite radically (clearly not enough swatching and sketching…) but eventually became something that I’m happy with. Whilst it’s quite a plain shawlette the eyelet ridges and the decorative ribbed border keep enough interest whilst still being a relaxing and hopefully stress free project."

So a competition (my first):

Leave a comment on this post with your suggested name for this pattern, some way to get hold of you, and your choice of prize by August 31st at 6pm (BST). I will pick my favourite and the winner will receive their choice of these two prizes:

A 100g skein of Araucania Ranco Multy (4ply, approx. 344m), in PT2307

100g skein of Knitting Goddess 100% wool yarn (4ply, approx. 330m), in Double Rust
Wow me with your clever and creative suggestions please (and keep it clean!)


Anonymous said...

I am useless at naming things but just wanted to say that its absolutely gorgeous! I think you are converting me back to knitting! :0) Am gonna ask Dh for name suggestions, he is generally pretty good - if slightly off the wall!

plumbum said...

I offer you "Mizzle". Manchester and rain go hand in hand in my mental associations and the colour of your yarn conjures up a drizzly grey Manc day. But drizzle is not an attractive name for a shawl.

According to the dictionary, Mizzle is "Very light rain; stronger than mist but lighter than a shower" or "to rain lightly" - but to me it sounds a soft and fuzzy word and altogether apt for naming your shawl.

Samantha said...

"Cityscape" - it reminds me of handsome urban architecture, so "Cityscape", ("city's cape") is my suggestion. I'm Samantha47 on Rav if you want to award me the prize :^>.

Tatty said...

I offer "Mrs Gaskell" - after the famous Victorian writer, author of "Cranford" (ooh, there's another good name for a shawl!. Elizabeth Gaskell wrote nearly all her books in M/C and there is more information here:

I had also thought of "Elizabeth" as it's both her name and EZ - whose centenary anniversary it is too.

tattyknits said...

Now I've spent longer thinking...

I think this would suit Jane Eyre - her best dress was grey - and she wears shawls a lot.

"I sat up in bed by way of arousing this said brain: it was a chilly night; I covered my shoulders with a shawl, and then I proceeded to
think again with all my might."

But "Jane" or "Jane Eyre" ... they both work well, I think, but "Jane Eyre" is better.

Roomfor2 said...

It reminds me of either waves coming on to a beach (the ribs) or the rising cliffs(the ribs) and the cliff top.

My name suggestion is 'winter waves (on a windswept beach)'

I'm Hannonle on Ravelry in the UKRAK group and I love the purple/red yarn the most.

Lovely shawl btw! and yay for this friday-finish-itus that's sweeping the group today!

hmm what is this 'roomfor2' google/blogger sign in thing?!

Fiolinn said...

I love that color! My suggestion for a name is Blue bayou after the Roy Orbison song. I like the Araucania yarn the best :)

I am Fiolinn on Ravelry

Shirley said...

Ha! Given the weather we've been having recently, the 'What Summer' shawl might be appropriate :0P

Being serious for a minute, the shape & ribbed esge makes me think of a seashell & the colour looks like the sea on an overcast day so I'm going to suggest Mhara which is Gaelic for sea & also happens to be a name I'm very fond of :0D

'tis a gorgeous shawl m'love,

cherryred x

Patricia said...

Good work people - it will be difficult to choose!

This comment came from debsf on Ravelry who couldn't post it here so I'm doing it on her behalf:

"As soon as I saw this shawl I thought of a sea shell and rippling waves. How about Sea Nymph?"

dodo said...

Hi Patricia!

Can we enter more than once?

'Mancurio' is my suggestion.

It's dodo btw.

jo xx

Patricia said...

I don't see why not. The more good ideas the better.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm looking at the fact that you posted it on Friday the 13th, so maybe "Lucky Lady" or "Lady Luck" because it defies the bad luck of the day. Or this one is just funny, friggatriskaidekaphobia which is the fear of Friday the 13th!

I love the Araucania Ranco Multy. I have some of my own that I haven't yet used. I love the colorway too! Or suddenexpression on Rav.

Scusi said...

It reminds me of Heathcliff and Catherine so maybe
"Waiting for Heathcliff " or "Misty Moor" , "Windy Moor" or even "Wuthering Heights"

I'm Scusi on Ravelry.

It's a beautiful shawl, I look forward to you finishing the pattern. Carol

Amy said...

I would suggest "wrapped in ribbons". When I saw it the first thing I thought of was ribbons.

I like the Araucania yarn the best.

Saffy said...

Sticking to a Literary theme, I shall suggest Dorian (as in The Picture of Dorian Gray).

I also like Pilgrim as a name for this shawl although I'm not entirely sure why, I was just brainstorming around the word grey and got to Gandalf, the grey pilgrim. Somehow it was the pilgrim bit that stuck with me :)

Whatever name it receives I look forward to seeing the pattern.

Jean said...

May I suggest Moonstone, the shawl brought back a wonderful memory of hunting for Moonstones on the beach right after a storm had washed some from the cliffs. I saw a woman sitting on a blanket searching through the pebbly beach for them and I gently dropped the ones that I had found on her blanket and walked away, she thanked me with a genuine smile. Both of the yarns are beautiful, but the Araucania yarn has peaked my curiosity as to how it would knit up. On Ravelry I am Jeanpen

Elizabet said...

It brings to mind those amazing grey clouds you get in autumn so I'd go for "Stormy Skies"


Omi S. and her dog, Bender Oak Cannon said...

I thought of the interesting contrast between the bottom and top of the shawl, and the drizzly grey city day color... I thought of Eyelets InLine.... because of how the pattern captured me!

Ivy said...

The rows of eyelets reminded me of bubbles rising in a champagne flute, so I'd like to suggest Champagne Bubbles as a name.

The Knitting Goddess yarn looks lovely! I'm IvyAlvarez on Rav. Good luck with the name-hunt for the pattern!