Monday, 9 August 2010

Bakewell Tart

No spoils from the village fete unfortunately which meant I had to bake. This is a bakewell tart with homemade strawberry jam (and shop bought pastry) using a Nigella Lawson recipe adjusted for individual tarts

I also decided against the Persephone Scarf, started one of my own design, decided against that, planned another shawl... a distinct lack of progress on the knitting front really.

I have started to think about John's Scarf, possibly something like a Saxon Braid cable motif repeated with ribs linking the braids? Or possibly something else.


Jturnrich said...

I've been trying to download the Warm Feet pattern but not having any luck. Is it still available? Ravelry says this site is no longer available.

Patricia said...

I've only just noticed this. There was a problem with the pdf and I've since reloaded it so it should be ok now