Friday, 31 December 2010

End of the year and some FOs

So it's the end of the year, and I'm not sure where this year went. A fair amount of it went on hospital visiting and looking after ill people one way or another - hopefully less of that next year, I don't think there could actually be more thinking about it. As a consequence of the hospital visiting I've been kept busy by social workers and care agencies. I have nothing but respect for the work social workers do. They work in a difficult and deeply bureaucratic system which makes it incredibly difficult for them to put in place creative, flexible and individual solutions to problems which is a great shame as creativity and flexibility would often make a huge difference to the person they are trying to help.

Another large amount went on volunteering work that got a little out of hand, especially in the last few months. It's a very worthwhile and rewarding thing volunteering especially when you're supporting something you feel strongly about but it can eat your life. I have learnt more than I ever thought I'd need to about the legal issues around playing fields, about mergers, about conducting managing the Press, and about the interesting world of local politics.

Some of it went on pattern designing and this year saw Summer Fool, Garden Pond, Mizzle, Pergola and Whipple released via Ravelry download. This was one of my goals the year - to release one pattern - so I'm very pleased to have exceeded that target.

Some of it went on getting married. That was nice! Himself and I had been together 10 years when we tied the knot in front of all our family and friends in April. It marked the end of quite a difficult period of ill health for Himself and was a celebration of coming through challenging times.

And a small part of it went on learning to sew a little and quilt a little. My mum liked her quilt apparently so I must have done a decent job. One of her friends wrote to me to say how pretty it was which was much appreciated.

So all in all a busy and demanding year (note I haven't mentioned work at all!) and to round off the year here are some FOs:

Through the Woods (Big Girl size - not toddler I am informed)

Please note the addition of a bobble and my absolutely favourite buttons which a metal smiling whales

Through the Woods (Adult size)

A December hat (the pattern is the Cashmere Ribbed Hat although this is in wool)

And a WIP:

This is the blind for our spare room - patchwork strips separated by Stockton lining. It still needs lining and I need to get a blind mechanism. It's pretty big at 100" by 51"

And the detail:

I particularly like the Amy Butler paisley fabric.

So I finish the year with one sewing WIP and one knitting WIP which is a simple pair of socks for Himself. I don't count the sock yarn blanket.

And so to next year, what does that have in store? Hopefully some more patterns being published. Hopefully a new job for Himself. I don't really do resolutions but I will have a think about goals

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