Monday, 10 January 2011

Better photos for once

So with the New Year my creative juices have started flowing for some reason. I have a few patterns at the sketching stage: two pairs of fingerless gloves, a couple of shawls...and this hat:

Photo courtesy of my husband who can a)take photos b)has a decent camera and c)likes tweaking things on Photoshop. It was also a lovely if very cold day so the light was excellent.

This sample is in Wendy Mode DK in Chili and is a very usable hat

Carrying on the theme of having decent photos my older sister has been having a photo shoot in the Through the Woods hoods that I sent up to the frozen North (Edinburgh) for her and her daughter. You can find her take on elfish mischief here on her professional photography blog. She has also kindly offered to take photos for my patterns in the future so hopefully the photography will improve substantially.

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