Thursday, 9 December 2010

Again no photos

As you might have noticed it's winter - with a vengeance. It's not made it above 0C for about 3 weeks here although we've only had minimal snow. We're also edging ever closer to the shortest day of the year (shortly followed by my birthday) which means I'm rarely at home in daylight to photograph FOs. That doesn't mean I'm not knitting and finishing things though. I've actually been quite productive. So with photos to follow here are my updates:

Knitting Updates:
Lymond Socks - FINISHED! And washed, blocked and worn once.
Through the Woods (toddler size) - Frogged and waiting to be reknit in a larger size for a toddler with a 52.5 cm head and lots of curly hair
Through the Woods (adult size) - not even cast on. Some very purple Wendy Mode Chunky keeps looking at me with sad eyes as it gets neglected
A cabled scarf for Dad's Christmas present - finished and blocked. This is 5 feet of simple cables in Forsell Touch of Silk Aran in Bottle Green
Slipper Socks - these are finished and for a January birthday. They are an improvised pattern in bright red Jitterbug, knitted toe up with a knitted on moss stich buttoned cuff
Plain socks - these are for a February birthday and are plain toe-up socks in Skacel Trampoline in a variegated blue and purple colourway

Pattern Updates:
Whipple - out for download on Ravelry and there should be a link in the side bar
Pie Crust - waiting for yarn
Unnamed pleated and cabled scarf - yarn bought, yarn would rather be a cowl and a matching hat so this might be a while

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