Sunday, 7 November 2010

FO: Limestone Shawl

I've been getting things finished this week. The picture above is a detail photo of the Limestone One-skein Shawl from Fickleknitter (linked in previous posts). It's a lovely quick knit with a very pretty border. I knit it in about 12 hours I think so almost instant gratification although it's not for me.

The quilt has made huge progress and is now mostly quilted (all by hand, all yesterday - must buy thimble). I'm quilting it very simply with corner to corner diagonals across the squares. I will be adding some buttons to the quilting I think and have yet to start making the binding strip. I'm not looking forward to doing the binding at all. It looks very precise and I'm using to lovely fudgy knitting where mistakes can be easily dealt with or covered up.

I'm rather impressed at my progress this week as it's been a very busy week and I've spent an awful lot of time asleep trying to catch up with myself. I like sleep

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