Monday, 1 November 2010

Autumn is really here

Fog at the station
Yesterday we were driving back from Yorkshire and it was truly eerie. The M62 was shrouded in fairly heavy fog, there were crows pecking on the had shoulder, and it was Halloween...

However crossing into Lancashire we soon came through to clear skies (unusual) and heavy traffic (normal). Our early Autumn days have been quite nice so far with clear crisp mornings, blue skies and hard frosts. The colours on the trees have been amazing this year - everything from vibrant pinks to ochres. The ferns round our pond have gone a wonderful rich golden brown and we can actually see them after some intensive tree felling a couple of weeks ago.

To continue the eerieness this morning I woke to find the fog had followed us home, creeping round the M60 in the dead of the night...

The picture above is my local train station about 8.30am. Suitably Autumal I thought.

So as the nights are drawing in my thoughts turn to stocking up on things to knit, sew and read over what is seems likely to be a long cold winter. This was my postal delivery on Saturday

At the top is a skein of Posh Sylvia in Cotillion, named after the Georgette Heyer book and presumably the colour of one of Freddie's waistcoats. The book stack is a haul from Abe Books and is most of the Lymond Chronicles and the first two of the House of Niccolo all by Dorothy Dunnett. Should keep me going for a while...

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