Sunday, 19 February 2012

A very quiet blog

I've not been blogging much (at all...) recently for a couple of reasons.

1. Most of my knitting has been publication samples and I can't talk about them much
2. I discovered Twitter
3. I have had precisely no time to do anything much of late

Still I should get back in the habit as I've a number of self-published patterns coming out over the next few months and a few more magazine patterns.

As you might have seen I've been lucky enough to have quite a few patterns in Knit Now which launched in the UK in October. My shawl "Diamond of the First Water" featured in Issue 1 and I've just had the sample returned to me so I've been doing a bit of a photo shoot in Dunham Massey deer park with my husband taking the photos.

Here's a sneak peak

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Marthaamay O_o said...

I've been wondering where you have been! Is it nerve racking doing sample knitting?