Friday, 24 February 2012

Diamond of the First Water now available

Diamond of the First Water is now available to buy as a single pattern here

The prototype of this pattern was designed for my sister's birthday present last July. She's a writer of historical romance so this is named after late 18th/early 19th century slang for a woman of exceptional beauty and elegance. You can find out more about my sister's writing at From Darcy to Dionysus 

And here are some of the 'in the wild' pictures my husband took at Dunham Massey

We found this really cool fallen tree. The shawl is displayed on the upended root system in most of these photos. The one where it's wrapped around the tree was achieved by me hiding behind the tree holding the edges - it was a very wide tree so I had my nose pressed to the bark and my arms fully stretched. I got more than a few puzzled looks!


charitygirlblog said...

Thanks for the shout out. I love my shawl - it's so pretty and gorgeous, I feel very luxurious when its all wrapped around me like a sisterly hug! Novel number 2 draft 1 nearly complete - an improvement on novel number 1 if I say so myself. xxx

Vivianne said...

That's really pretty :-) And as a Georgette Heyer reader, I shall go check out your sister :-)

sue29 said...

I was so pleased to buy this pattern and wool at Woolfest but I am really struggling to make it.Does the lace pattern include the plain body of the shawl. I have no diamonds on my shawl and can't find any sm instructions. It is probably me doing it wrong but can you please advise me - it looked so lovely at Woolfest!