Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sometime you have to frog

I started making a hat a while back in beautiful Knitting Goddess sock yarn (Silver and Jace shades) using a colourwork pattern I'd designed myself (inspired by Etruscan metalwork) and that worked really well and it was all going really well until I fell over the maths. Knitting from the brim up and wanting to do decreases based on Pi, whilst maintaining the colourwork is easier said than done especially when the doer is numerically challenged me.

My head is not cone shaped ergo the hat should not be cone shaped. Even with the addition of a bobble (and yes I did consider a bobble and I am not a bobbly person) it would have looked lumpy, misshapen and weird. Not stylish, slightly Deco and generally fab. Definitely not that.

And so it sat on top of the stereo speaker (where my hats live until photographed) finished, with the ends woven in, some of my best and more even stranded colourwork on display knowing that it wouldn't fulfil it's destiny to warm a head this winter.

At least it sat there until this morning when I realised that if I frogged the hat I would have enough yarn easily for fingerless gloves and the beautiful Etruscan inspired colourwork would work on gloves too. And so, on my morning commute I frogged the hat (whilst standing by the bike storage area and probaly getting some funny looks). This is what is looks like now, ready to take the next step in towards becoming a fully functioning piece of knitwear:


GirlAnachronismE said...

Sometimes you just have to accept that things havent worked, and im sure your gloves will be lovely.

Susan said...

Good luck with the gloves. My last project was supposed to be a pair of intarsia socks but ended up as a double-knit scarf!

Evelyn said...

Ahh, yes, the eternal question for all us knitters: to frog or not to frog! At this point of my knitting, I always choose to frog since I tend to buy high quality yarn now and value the time I have knitting. I just blogged about hat knitting today in fact but I'm so much looking forward to seeing your fingerless gloves.

Marthaamay O_o said...

The commute is great for doing the bits and pieces that take up too much time.