Monday, 17 October 2011

I print!

Those of you who have subscribed to Knit Now, the newest knitting magazine in the UK market, will have seen this blog featured as well as my very first 'in print' pattern. I am bouncing off the ceiling having seen what an amazing job Kate Heppell, Joeli Caparco and the rest of the team at Knit Now have done with this issue and I'm incredibly proud that this magazine hosts my first 'in print' pattern - not least because I'm in company with some amazing designers showcasing their talents and skills.

The magazine will be in the shops on Thursday and I understand it's being stocked at Tesco, WHSmith and Morrisons amongst others and can be ordered through local newsagents.

So to celebrate my first 'in print' pattern being in print I thought I'd do a competition with this being the prize:

This is a skein of Fyberspates Sparkle Lace in greens and purples (75% Merino, 25% Silk, 5% Metallic and 875 yards) in shades of green and purple

To win this lovely skein all you need to do is comment on this post suggesting a literary or historical character that could inspire a pattern and give me a few words that you associate with that character before November 1st (12pm BST which is GMT+1). I will pick the one that I think I can turn into a pattern and the person who suggested it will win the skein (and if I actually do sort out the pattern I'll send you a copy). I will post worldwide and feel free to enter as many times as you like


Sarah said...

Marie Curie - a famous woman scientist.

A few words?

She really is an inspiration.

elliecat said...

I'd like to put forward Margaret Atwood and especially her character of Offred from The Handmaid's Tale. Some words to associate with Offred;

Serena Joy
May Day

The book is one of the most interesting novels I've ever read. Some people think that some aspects of it may come true as women's reproductive rights are slowly being eroded in the developed word.

Libs said...

Josephine Baker - the famous singer, dancer,French resistance courier and civil rights campaigner from America.

I'd be fascinated to see how she would inspire you.

Black Pearl (one of many nicknames)

Libs (Ravelry)

Ivy said...

Scarlett O' Hara: ambitious, determined and passionate

mooncalf said...

Congratulations about the magazine - I've made a note to pop to Smiths in my lunch break and look for a copy.

I just joined Goodreads yesterday so lots of long-forgotten books have been floating through my mind. I think I'd like a knit based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's Little Princess (Sara?)

And some words that I associate with her:

AudreysTeaShop said...

Congrats on being in print (my first time will be in Knit Now issue 2!)Love the idea of this competition! I'd suggest Boudica, Queen of the Iceni. Words to associate with her:
fierce, brave, noble, leader, queen, tribal

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first printed pattern :D I have three suggestions...

Sherlock Holmes: camouflage, ego, intelligence, order, observation

Aria Stark: courage, independence, tomboy, wolves, determination

Iseult: romance, beauty, herbs, celtic, solemn

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting!

A few historical characters:

Abraham Lincoln: strong, stoic, serene

Coco Chanel: independent, creative, persistent

Mona Lisa: charming, composed, thoughtful

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting!

A few historical characters:

Abraham Lincoln: strong, stoic, serene

Coco Chanel: independent, creative, persistent

Mona Lisa: charming, composed, thoughtful

My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

Count Vlaad Draula from Bram Stoker

this time of year and all that :)

twisted, complex yet amazingly beautiful

Huge congratulations on the magazine, I shall be picking one up tomorrow from Tesco too, cant wait to see it now.



squiggi said...

howard roark, main character in the fountainhead.
architechural, strong, bold lines
art deco
independant, bold
i'm squiggi on ravelry

Evelyn said...

Congratulations on being in print!

Frida Kahlo -- spirited, creative, passionate

The Bronte sisters -- imaginative, inspiring

Georgia O'Keefe -- independent, visionary

Thanks for hosting this giveaway! My fingers are crossed as I love that yummy skein.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so low brow, but I can't resist because of the sparkly - surely it HAS to be a Twilight vampire? Alice is a perfect knitting inspiration character - quirky, sees the future and kicks some serious ass!

I love the pattern by the way and the layout is great - they have done such a good job with presenting the patterns and picking great photos.

Joycers said...

Anne Shirley because what girl didn't grow up loving this imaginative red-head?

Maddy said...

Sarah Crewe from "A Little Princess" because she was brave, generous and humble and could have used some nice knitted objects to keep her warm in that horrible boarding school!

GirlAnachronismE said...

Lady Jane Grey, young, pretty, intelligent, mistreated and forgotten. she's my favourite historical figure =)

Patricia said...

Loving the suggestions so far everyone. Just a reminder that I'll need some way to track you down if you win so if you're on Ravelry leave your Ravname unless I can track back to your blog.

Otherwise I'll post the winner on the November 1st and if I don't hear from them within 2 days I'll pick a runner up.

Amy said...


I suggest Irene Adler from Sherlock Holmes, and would describe her as:
Feminine Wiles

Rav UN : AmyBamy

Marthaamay O_o said...

Hello! Congratulations on being in print! I came to your blog though Ravelry (I'm Marthamay on Rav).

The colours inspire me to suggest Morticia Addams from the Addams family.
She is Cool, Elegant, Alluring and Fierce.

She would pick up this skein and immediatly order someone to make it into a flowing cape to stand glistening in the moonlight.

Ahhhowahhoowww (wolf cry!)


Sandra said...

Queen Elizabeth 1, dynamic, clever, fashion icon of her time. Boy could that woman wear some top gear! And it was in her reign the woollen industry was protected.

Inthesky said...

Congratulations Getting in print, how exciting.
My Character would be Morgana
(Morgan Le fay) - dark, beautiful, enchanting, enchantress, bewitching, irresistible, Magical, temptress, ambiguous, elegant, regal....

scubamonkey said...

Katherine, John of Gaunt's wife. My Mum (who's a bit of a history buff) named me after her.
Started off as his mistress and then became his wife.

Humble, yet
Driven, full of
Accestress to the Tudor kings of England

Anne1962 said...

Love your pattern, congratulations!
There are so many ideas - who to choose?
Ok going to be completely wacky here

The little mermaid - beautiful, ethereal, romantic!

Rav name Anne1962

Anastacia said...

What an amazing idea for a contest & an even better prize. I immedately thought of Mary Boleyn - the misunderstood & often forgotten about elder sister of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's 2nd wife. Mary was often called "the mistress of kings" & not much is known about her, but I always imagined her as full of passion, charm, & unimaginable strength to live through everything she saw & did in her lifetime!

Anastacia said...

ps - I'm anastaciaknits over on Ravelry!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

My favorite book of all time is The Secret something for Mary - a long warm scarf for those cold English nights....or something for Martha, her maid

Mary - lonely, unloved, willing to learn and grow, nature...

Martha - fun, good-natured, talkative...

Then, of course there is Jo March from Little Women...what a character! - Fierce, determined, strong-willed, loves her family...
or Beth March - tragic....

klgrant1971 said...

Well done!

Miss Marple: Fiercely intelligent, wickedly humorous. She sits there looking like the little gossipy old woman that she is with her knitting, but her mind has scoured the depths of humanity. Her eyes sparkle with the knowledge of more of life than people would credit her for.

greendaygal said...

Lyra from the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman. Strong, bold, adventurous and a fighter. She spends a great deal of the first book, Northern Lights, in the ice and snow of Svalbard, and the other books are spent jumping between worlds. She would need a shawl or wrap to take with her to fight against the changes in weather; it would be fire orange and have large motifs.