Thursday, 29 July 2010

The latest FO

This is Pergola, a lace stole in Knitting Goddess 100% 4ply Silk in an undyed green. It's a gift for my next to youngest older sister and is a day late (stupid blocking). There was a certain amount of frantic knitting, and trying to knit lace on the train - mainly because I started knitting a gift with plenty of time and then lost a week to changing my mind.

Pergola is the second of my patterns using an adaptation of a Fern Lace stitch (also the border in Garden Pond). For some reason I really like this stitch, maybe because it's very easy and intuitive but looks quite impressive, and I'm planning another stole using a further and more complex adaptation of this stitch. I have two versions in my head so we'll see what actually makes it to yarn.

Whilst those thoughts are brewing I have other things to finish:
  • cabled shawlette recipe (OTN since June - lots left on this)
  • my husband's socks (OTN since March, only 7 rows and one toe)
  • my winter stripy jumper in Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran (OTN since December I think and only lacking half a sleeve and a neckline)

And I have just been given some Claudia's Silk Lace which wants to be a lace cowl but I can't find one I like so I'll wait until inspiration strikes...

ETA - I finished the socks, photos to follow.

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